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Gas Induction Reactors

Gas Induction Reactors

MAHAVEER OVERSEAS has been supplying Gas induction reactors or Hydrogenators to the Pharmaceutical (cGMP variant) , and chemical industries for some years now.

MAHAVEER OVERSEAS Gas induction reactors enable the pumping of gases from the head-space to the bottom of the vessel, through the hollow agitator. Special impellers at the bottom ensure vigorous dispersion of the gas, ensuring excellent gas liquid contact. Any unreacted gases are re inducted into the liquid.

Some advantages of these reactors over conventional reactors include-

  • Efficient gas-liquid mixing
  • High gas-liquid interracial area
  • Thorough solid suspension (catalyst).

MAHAVEER OVERSEAS Gas induction reactors are offered with the following specs-

  • Capacity- 500 ltr to 25000 ltr
  • Process range- upto 90 bar
  • Temperature- 30 to 300 C
  • Material of construction- Stainless Steel, Hastalloy, Inconel
  • Sealing- Mechanical sealing, OR sealless design incorporating magnetic drives.
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