Mahaveer Overseasc

Agitators/ Mixers


Over the past 15 years, Mahaveer Overseas has manufactured more than 10,000 agitators for a wide range of industrial applications like pharmaceutical, personal care, waste water treatment, chemical, mineral processing, dyes, and pigments, etc.

We have extensive experience in designing agitators for critical reactions, and complex materials, which enables us to provide you an optimum solution to your requirement.

Our current manufacturing program includes High efficiency aerofoil (axial flow) impellars, pitched blade turbine, Rushton turbine, Anchor, disperse, and many other types of special impellor designs.

The quality of the mixers is validated by the fact that mixers supplied more than twenty years, are still in operation. Apart for the engineering and quality of workmanship, our mixers incorporate, the best drives from globally renowned names, like Nord, Bonfiglioli, and seals from Eagle Burgmann, and Flow serve. All agitators can be run on load and no load, at our factory, by means of Variable Frequency Drives, for validation.

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